Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to erase pencil markings ?

A nightmare scenario
You probably recognize the following dramatic experience that used to happen to me in the past more often than desired. The scenario is as follows :
In a good mood I visit a collectors fair. After strolling a while from one dealer table to another, I spot a certificate that looks quite interesting, for example this bond of the Valencia y Aragon railway company. Very soon the seller and me agree on the price.

Compañia de los Ferro Carriles de Valencia y Aragón
Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de Valence et Aragon
This Spanish railway company constructed a line between Valencia and Liria.
Incorporated in 1888 with a capital of 3 million Pesetas
Became part of RENFE in 1941, the Spanish state-owned railway company. 

This bond in particular interested me because of the unusual and large revenue stamp at the top border of the paper. My good mood became even better and happy with the result I went back home still unaware of the nightmare yet to come. At home I inspected the condition of the paper again. There was a little pencil marking in the upper right corner indicating the selling price. I took my eraser and started removing the marking. Fate hit me hard. Upon the first eraser move the corner was gone. I was startled, I couldn't believe that I simply rubbed the corner from the paper in one single stroke. I just killed an antique bond. I became angry with myself and cursed my clumsiness. 
A missing corner, a damaged certificate is the result.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Digest of scripophily readings II

New online scripophily articles and references, Jan 2012

Future benefits of joining the IBSS
Joining IBSS yields immediate benefits, see here, but also future benefits as told here by Terry Cox.

German shipping scripophily reference
Dieter Engel maintains a great reference site,  in German, on German shipping companies and their certificates. Here's the link to his Maritime Historische Wertpapiere with further links to Maritime Firmen (shipping companies) and Stahlschraubendamper (screw steamers).  Dieter Engel's scripophily site must have been around for quite some time, yet, I only discovered it recently.

Shares and bonds from Tasmania
Also by Dieter Engel : an interesting page on the development of Tasmania. In German.

James Bond scripophily
Bill Benz brings a story on spy satellites.

The men that made Hawaï
.. a great Biographical Reference Library, complete and authentic, of the men of note and substantial achievement in the Hawaiian islands, by John William Siddall
There is a link that you can use to download a PDF version. These PDF versions of the digitized books can easily be browsed on keywords like 'railway', 'telephone company', ... etc. There is also an index by region.

Enzyklopädie des Eisenbahnwesens - Encyclopedia of railways 1912
A 10 volume set in German put together by Victor von Röll. PDF versions from the Internet Archive available here.

Scripophily Magazine, now in A4 format !
In addition to the articles above, the brand new December 2011 No.87 issue of Scripophily magazine, published by the International Bond and Share Society , contains the following stories :
  • Scripophily featured on TV show History Detectives (Harlem Associated Heirs Title Co.)
  • Where do abandoned stock certificates go in Pennsylvania ?
  • Scripophily takes a turn on the wild side (sale of No. 1 stock in Lehman Brothers Holdings)
  • Brazilian Bond Speculation
  • Cox's Corner : What drives our hobby  ?
  • The Empain companies in Egypt
  • Aspen Colorado (mining & gold mining USA) 
  • Two classic masterpieces (art on scripophily)
  • other periodical topics : News and Reviews, Auction Reviews, Events Calendar


Friday, January 6, 2012

Golden Gate Ostrich Farm

The unique scene of plucking ostriches will be seen tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Golden Gate ostrich farm, Forty-seventh avenue and Balboa street. The plumes are clipped about three inches from the body, the bird being blindfolded. The operation is painless. The two largest birds at the farm are Bob Fitzsimmons, the $5000 beauty, and William Jennings Bryan. Ostrich plucking is considerable of a novelty for San Francisco.

- Article from The San Fransisco Call of April 19 1913. -
Golden Gate Ostrich Farm
Certificate for 5 Shares of $10 each

Issued 26th Nov 1912
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