A blog about scripophily
Scripophily is about collecting and researching antique stocks and bond certificates. You might want to read this post about "scripophily". Besides the collecting activity itself, I find myself often carried away when researching the history behind a certificate. 

My scripophily CV
I am collecting for about 30 years now and I am currently member of the International Bond & Shares Society Norsk Selskap for Scripofili and EDHAC.

Some of my articles can also be read in:
I was awarded the Journalistenpreis Historische Wertpapiere und Finanzgeschichte in 2016.

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I wish I could publish an article once a week, but a weekly schedule is hard to maintain. On average I publish about 3 postings per month. If you don't want to miss a post then you can stay up-to-date in several ways as described here.

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For those who want to support financially, I have some spare material that maybe fits in your collection. Please ask for an up-to-date list.

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Franky Leeuwerck