Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Book : Osakekirjat Kertovat

Pekka Kantanen and Kari J. Sillanpää introduce the readers into the world of scripophily. They compiled about 100 share certificates, mainly from Finland, in a charming A4-sized hard cover work. 

  • Title : Osakekirjat Kertovat - Aktiebreven Berättar - Share Certificates, Past and Present
  • Authors : Pekka Kantanen, Kari J. Sillanpää
  • ID : ISBN 951-9417-06-0, published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö, 1988
  • Languages : Finnish, Swedish, English
  • Number of pages : 184
  • Images : about 100 page wide images, one third in color
  • Indexes : no index

The book is trilingual. Every share discussed has a paragraph in Finnish, Swedish and English which is very interesting to learn the Finnish scripophily jargon. Besides a company background, the authors address various topics such as evolutions in Finnish corporate law, signatures of noteable persons, designs and printing aspects. 

Most of the shares featured are from Finland, or were issued under the Grand Duchy of Finland. The publication can interest also already advanced collectors because the book includes several remarkable shares that are rarely seen at auction, e.g. a Nokia share from 1886, a Suomen Kultaseppä Osakeyhtiö share printed with gold and silver, etc. The book can be found on e-commerce platforms.


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