Monday, November 5, 2012

Women versus men in scripophily

Do men and women really collect differently ?
Collecting is a hobby that we may undertake for several reasons. In the act, we seek for aesthetics or historical appeal. Some of us collect because we enjoy the social interaction with other collectors. We can even try to pursuit profit. Collectors may collect for the reward they receive when acquiring better skills and knowledge. Whatever the reason, both men and women have been collecting for thousands of years. The question is do they collect in a similar way ? That is exactly what we can find out by setting up a scripophily poll on this topic.

Scripophily collecting behavior
This poll is about us, men and women in scripophily, and our particular collecting behavior. So, please participate. The more results we gather, the interesting the outcome. If you know a friend, man or woman, old or young, who is also collecting stocks and bonds, convince him or her to participate as well. If you have a blog, or if you are member of a scripophily association, tell about this poll. Truely, every participation counts.

Poll information :

  • You can find the poll below this article. It contains about 20 questions.
  • Your answers are anonymously and will be kept that way. 
  • The poll will be closed on 30th April 2013. 
  • After the closing, I'll do an analysis and present it in a follow-up article. 
Also, I wish to thank the following persons for providing some very interesting questions:
Ursula Kampmann, from CoinsWeekly, and Dagmar Schönig, from the Wertpapierwelt museum.

Have fun ! I will be delighted with every single participation.


Update (2013 Sep)
The reviews can be seen here ;

La Salvadora,

compañia de seguros maritimos, avales y subvenciones

20 Shares of 5000 Reales each

Barcelona, 1857
engraving by Antonio Roca y Sallent
double-click image to enlarge

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