Monday, May 27, 2024

Over 1400 lots of scripophily will be auctioned at HSK's headquarters in Wolfenbüttel

Hanseatisches SammlerKontor für Historische Wertpapiere (HSK) plans its next auction of stocks and bonds on June 1, 2024 at its headquarters in Wolfenbüttel. More than 1400 lots are described in full in a 230 pages counting auction catalogue. All lots can be viewed online as well.

Briar root wood (heather, bruyère in French) is a type of wood used for making smoking pipes. It is known for its heat and fire resistance. Due to its hardness the wood surface can be smoothed and polished, while at the same time its porosity absorbs the smoking condensates. This share in the Bruyère-Pfeifen Aktiengesellschaft from Hamburg was issued in 1921. Printed by Jagdmann & Bohm, its stunning Art Deco design is adorned with more than one hundred Bruyère pipes. Extremely rare, L(ot) 518 starts at €1400. 

The auction includes several German chapters: Bremen und Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany before 1945, German railways securities issued in Reichsmarks, Germany railways securities issued in Deutsche Mark and Germany after 1945. 

Leonhard Fanto (Vienna, 1874 - Dresden, 1940) was an Austrian artist known for his costume paintings and genre scenes from the Balkans. He became director for costume and set design at the Dresden Semper Opera. In his composition for this scrip receipt in the German 6th war loan of 1917, Fanto included an emerging submarine. L706 starts at €100.  

The auction features scripophily from all over the world with strong sections of European and American stocks and bonds. 

L35, stock certificate in The Berkeley Athletic Association, New York, 1891. Start price €380 

There is a lot more to discover in the catalog, so here are the details :


Monday, May 20, 2024

Veissid Auctions features 850 lots of antique stocks and bonds .. tomorrow!

My apologies for the timing, but here is a late incoming announcement for the Veissid Auctions' event that ends tomorrow. The auction features 850 lots of scripophily representing all parts of the world. 

Some examples:

This share from The Melbourne and Suburban Railway Company was issued in 1859. The vignette features a surveyor and a miner, a train approaching a bridge and a real-estate development map. The embossed company seal depicting a train is stunning. L(ot)37 starts at GBP60.

This 25 shares certificate in the Roodepoort United Main Reef Gold Mining Company was issued in 1900. The company registered in the South African Republic, then an independent Boer republic. Two years later, after the Second Boer War, the British Empire annexed the republic which became the Transvaal Colony. L243, a Waterlow & Sons print, may be acquired from GBP100. 

Yukon is the westernmost of Canada's three territories. Yet, the Yukon Gold Company was incorporated in the state of Maine, with a capital stock of $25,000,000. The company conducted hydraulic mining operations on Bonanza Creek, Klondyke River and Hunker Creek, Klondyke Gold Fields, Yukon Territory. This 100 shares certificate was issued in 1910 and printed by the New York Bank Note Company. L601 starts at GBP80. 

Scottish scripophily is not that common. This Campsie Public Hall Company share was issued in 1904 to Miss Anna B. Patton, then a Glasgow resident. The company ran a library and reading room. Printed by Gilmour & Dean somewhere in the 1800s century, L530 starts at GBP25.

There is a lot more to discover, so quickly have a look at Veissid Auctions here