Monday, May 27, 2013

Spink UK - Auction June 2013

Spink UK - Bonds and Share Certificates of the World
including the "London" collection of China
image (double-click to enlarge) : 
Chinese Imperial Government
8% Bond for 100 Pounds Sterling, 1877

Spink UK - Bonds and Share Certificates of the World
Auction June 2013 catalogue part 2 - The property of HM Treasury
image Exchequer bond
100000 Pounds Sterling, 5th Jan 1916
payable to "Emperial Russian Government"
facsimile of John Bradbury

  • Date: June 7, 2013
  • Place: London, UK
  • More info, see here 


p.s: Three days of scripophily in London ?

  • Thu June 6 : IBSS Meeting 6 p.m. Spink London Office
  • Fri June 7 : Spink Auction, London
  • Sat June 8 : IBSS Bourse, Imperial Hotel, London

Monday, May 20, 2013

My share in the 1945 Red Cross War Fund

"I hereby subscribe to shares in the 1945 Red Cross War Fund 
as my contribution to the work of the Red Cross in disaster relief, 
prisoner of war services, home front activities, personal aid for servicemen, 
blood plasma, foreign war relief and rehabilitation."

share in the American Red Cross War Fund 1945
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Contribute and share
Three words instantly stand out when you see the certificate above : SHARE - RED - CROSS. Its message can not be misunderstood and it is packaged as a share certificate. Yet the share is not a real one, it does not represent any kind of ownership in a company, nor does it entitle its holder any legal rights associated with it. This piece of paper was actually used as a receipt of a contribution in the American Red Cross 1945 War Fund.

Clara Barton founds the American Red Cross
With the emergence of the American Civil War, Clara Barton, born 1821 in North Oxford, Massachusetts, dedicated herself to aid soldiers on the front. Before, women had not been allowed in hospitals, camps or on battlefields. The military and civil officials refused her help. However, Clara, very determined, gained the trust of them. She began receiving camp and hospital supplies from all over the country. Soon she obtained assistants and nurses and even military trains for her work on the front. Know as "The angel of the battlefield", she practiced nursing on the battlefield, experiencing the horrors of war.

For health reasons, Clara Barton went to Europe in 1869 and became involved in the work of International Red Cross volunteers during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). She decided to bring that organization to America. On May 1881, Barton and her associates established the American Red Cross and she became the ARC's first President. Next she adopted the framework of the Red Cross to fit the needs of the United States not only during wartime but also in times of other calamities such as famines, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, and pestilence. The ARC undertook its first major relief effort aiding victims of the Great Fire of 1881 in the Thumb region of Michigan. In 1884 the Geneva Convention passed the "American Amendment" to include the concept of peacetime assistance. The first wartime experience for the American Red Cross was in the Spanish-American War in 1898. Clara Barton then sailed to Havana, Cuba, with supplies for victims. 

Clara Barton, circa 1878, wearing the Official German Red Cross Field Badge 
received from her 1870-1871 service during the Franco-Prussian War. 
Source : Wikipediaimage by volunteer B. Douglas, Clara Barton National Historic Site

American Red Cross launches a massive campaign at the end of WWII
In 1945, with the World War II nearing its climax, the ARC launched one of its largest campaigns ever. The campaign started on February 28, Red Cross Radio Day, with intensive radio publicity when War Fund messages were broadcast all day. On March 20, President Roosevelt broadcast a Red Cross message from the White House, his last public address over the radio. In 15,000 theaters about 80 million moviegoers saw Ingrid Bergman featuring in an appeal to give to the Red Cross, followed by a collection in the theater.
The publicity program, involving 4 million volunteer workers, produced and disseminated : 

  • 3,5 million booklets for volunteer solicitors
  • 35 million information leaflets for contributors
  • 1,5 million posters for billboards, stores, post offices, etc.
  • 84,042 advertisements reaching 2 billion readers
  • 2,5 billion radio listener impressions
  • 70 magazine features
  • 30 magazine front covers
  • 234 million movie impressions
  • speeches reaching an estimated 1,5 million persons

Movie star Ingrid Bergman,
in Red Cross uniform

Thursday, May 16, 2013

IBSS - Mail bid auction May 2013

The International Bond and Share Society, sets its next (members only) auction date to 31st May 2013. This auctions counts 220 lots from more than 30 countries spanning more than 200 years of scripophily material.

share certificate of the Birmingham Small Arms Company
The Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd
Ordinary stock certificate, 1968
embossed seal depicting rifles
double-click image to enlarge

  • Date : May 31, 2013
  • Place : not applicable, this is a mail bid auction only
  • Practical info, see here 
  • Auction catalogue can be downloaded  here, and images of the lots are listed there 


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Monday, May 13, 2013

Spink USA - Auction May 2013

Spink USA - The Collector's Series
US and world coins, paper money, bonds and shares
This auction contains about 150 scripophily lots.

stock certificate of the Tombstone Mill and Mining Company
Tombstone Mill and Mining Company
Tombstone District, Pima County, Arizona
Certificate for 9 shares, 1885

  • Date: May 22-23, 2013
  • Place: New York, USA
  • More info, see here 


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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Archives International Auctions - Summer auction 2013

Archives International Auctions Part XV
US and worldwide banknotes, coins,
scripophily and security printing ephemera

bond specimen of the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l'Est
Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de l'Est
English: Est Railroad Company
$1000 7% External Sinking Fund Gold Bond, specimen
France, 1924

  • Date : June 4, 2013
  • Place : Fort Lee, NJ, USA
  • Further info : see here