Sunday, October 20, 2013

HWPH - Auction 31 and 32

HWPH Auction 31 - Part 1
image: Brau-Gesellschaft des Marktfleckens Stankau
Share of 200 Gulden Ö.W.
1874, Markt Stankau, now part of Czech Republic
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HWPH catalogue showing share certificate of the steam navigation company on the Thuner and Brienzer lake
HWPH Auction 31 - Part 2 - 50 Highlights
image: Vereinigte Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft
 für den Thuner- und Brienzersee
nominative share for 500 Swiss Francs
1843, Thun, Switzerland

HWPH catalogue depicting Holsten brewery share certificate
HWPH Online Auction 32
image: Holsten Brauerei
Share of 1000 Mark - later overstamped into 400 Reichsmark
1909, Hamburg Altona, Germany

  • Date: 26 October 2013  - Auction 31 ;  28 October 2013 - Auction 32
  • Place: Auction 31, Wiesbaden, GERMANY 
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gould in Cleveland's Encyclopedia

The other day I was doing some research about the Gould Inc. company on the Internet. I came across an article on this webpage. It mentioned that the Gould company purchased in 1969 the Clevite Corporation which was a major supplier of ordnance and oceanographic equipment to the U.S. Navy. But it was the link at the bottom that caught my attention : BUSINESS, INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY . I could not resist that one, clicked it and bingo : an inventory page of more than 800 entries to articles about company histories, business people and technology topics related to Cleveland.

Gould Inc.
warrant to purchase common shares, hole-cancelled in 1969
printed by the Federated Banknote Company
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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
Announced to the public in May 1998, the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, see here, brings us the history of greater Cleveland, Ohio. Maintained by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Western Reserve Historical Society, it is the first modern urban encyclopedia available on the World Wide Web. Thousands of articles, photographs, maps and multimedia files have been produced and provided by on-line editor John J. Grabowski, Krieger-Mueller Associate Professor of Applied History, together with graduate students from the Department of History at CWRU and volunteer writers outside of the university. The site contains an efficient search engine. Give it a try, let's say with the words railway and railroad, and you'll be amazed at the number of companies involved in Cleveland's railway history. A great research medium !

Cleveland Ship Building Company
Cleveland Ship Building Co.,
a forerunner of the American Ship Building Co., 1890

Source: Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
provided by Western Reserve Historical Society


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PS: Why the research on Gould Inc.
Well, I was interested in Gould's history in computer manufacturing. In 1981 Gould acquired Systems Engineering Laboratories, a designer and manufacturer of minicomputers, which became the Gould Computer Systems Division. Gould developed its "Reflective Memory" technology used in real-time computing which allowed up to eight computers to share memory at a very high speed. In 1983 a pair of Gould SEL 32/8780 minicomputers were used in SAIL, the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory in Houston, Texas, for the Space Shuttle simulator environment. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Archives International Auctions - Fall auction 2013

Archives International Auctions Part XVI
US and worldwide banknotes and scripophily,
autographs and security printing ephemera

stock certificate issued to and signed by Buffalo Bill Cody
Cody's Wyoming Coal Company
Common shares of $100, 1904
issued to and signed by William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill"
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  • Date : 19 and 22 October 2013
  • Place : On 19 Oct at the Museum of American Finance, New York city; on 22 Oct at AIA's offices in Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Further info : see here

Tip !
The first part of the auction is to be held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Wall Street Coin, Currency & Collectibles Show, being held October 17th to 19th, 2013 at the Museum of American Finance ( 48 Wall Street, NYC )


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spink Switzerland - Auction October 2013

Spink Switzerland - Bonds & Share Certificates of the World
image (double-click to enlarge) :
Berner Chocolade-Fabrik, Tobler & Co. A.G.
English: Bern Chocolate Factory Tobler & Co.
Share of 100 Francs, 1905
"Toblerone Jugendstil"

share certificate of the Basel Zoo
Actien-Gesellschaft des Zoologischen Gartens in Basel
English: Basel Zoological Garden Company
Duplicate nominative share of 250 Francs 1910, issued in 1975

  • Date: 19 October and 21 October 2013
  • Place: Lugano, Switzerland on 19 Oct (21 Oct is an online auction only)
  • More info: see here


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reference catalogue : Les Tramways Belges

  • Title : Les Tramways Belges - Catalogue des Titres de Sociétés Belges de Tramways dans le Monde, in English: Belgian Tramway Companies - Catalogue of Belgian Tramway Companies in the World
  • Author : Luc de Voghel, Alain Roba
  • ID : no ISBN number; published 1986 by Alain Roba
  • Languages : French
  • Number of pages : 71
  • Images : over 220 small black and white images
  • Index : 1. Chronological (main classification), 2. Geographical classification,

This book is the work of two Belgian pioneers in scripophily : Luc de Voghel and Alain Roba. The work consists of a list of Belgian tramway companies operating in Belgium and abroad and their bonds and shares. Bearing in mind that the list was compiled 37 years ago, it counts more than 150 of such companies. More than 220 certificates are depicted in, according to our modern standards, a not so good quality. Interesting to know, entries were derived from the collections of both authors, but also from another scripophily pioneer : collector Erik Boone.

The companies mentioned were operating in the following countries : Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Persia, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Siam, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Yugoslavia. 

The work concludes with an overview of Belgian tramway companies whose certificates were not surfaced yet on the collector's market at the time (1986). 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mario Boone - Auction 51

Live Internet and Mailbid Auction of Historic Shares and Bonds
image: Société Anonyme d'Horticulture et de Botanique de Gand,
Share of 100 Francs, 1835
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Russian Company Ltd for Optical and Mechanical Manufactures (LOMO)
50 Shares of 100 Roubles, Petrograd (Saint Petersburg), 1916
text in Russian, French and English

  • Date: 12 October 2013
  • Place: not applicable, this is a live internet and mailbid auction
  • Further info, see here