Sunday, May 17, 2015

Archives International Auctions - Hong Kong Spring Auction 2015

Imperial Chinese Railways, 1899 "Shanghai" branch issue banknote specimen (lot 2240)
Countries assigned the responsibility for issuing banknotes to their central bank. 
Well, most of us thinks so, but that is not completely correct. 
In the past some organizations received special legal powers and were allowed 
to issue their own banknotes, like the Imperial Chinese Railways administration.

Archives International Auctions - Hong Kong
Chinese and Asian Banknotes, Scripophily and Coins

This auction contains approximately 50 lots of scripophily

  • Date : 24 May, 2015
  • Place : Hong Kong
  • Further info : see here


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IBSS Mail Bid Auction - May 2015

The International Bond and Share Society, sets its next (members only) auction date to 25 May 2015. This auctions counts more than 200 lots, representing more than 40 countries and an equal number of themes. Also on offer is a collection of insurance policies (19th century).

share certificate from the Société Française du Vacuum Cleaner

Société Française du Vacuum Cleaner
Share of 100 Francs, Paris, 1903
printed by Crabbé
lot 46 in the auction

In 1901, Hubert Cecil Booth of England invents the motorized vacuum cleaner. 
This French Vacuum Cleaner Company from Paris obtained the monopoly patent 
and offered vacuum cleaning services to private homes, businesses and shops. 
More, including nice old photographs, on this French blog.

  • Date : May 25, 2015
  • Place : not applicable, this is a mail bid auction only
  • Auction catalogue can be downloaded here, where also the images of the lots can be viewed.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Catalogue : Russia The Imperial Loans

  • Title: Russia The Imperial Loans
  • Author : A. Kulo
  • ID : ISBN 9949-10-357-6, published by International Estonian Philatelic Society (IEPS), 2004
  • Languages : English
  • Number of pages : 287
  • Images : 200 large black and white images
  • Index : no index but certificates are chronologically ordered in each chapter

In the 18th century, empress Catherine II succeeded in obtaining a foreign loan with the cooperation of the Dutch banking company Hope & Co. Thereby, Catherine managed to cover budget deficits without internal loans. Because of the wars with Turkey (1806-1812) and Sweden (1808-1809) and a rising inflation, Alexander I needed more finances and means of obtaining credit. On 2 February 1810  the government adopted 'The Financial Plan" which soon led to the introduction of internal loans.

Russian Imperial eagle 1866
Russian Imperial eagle
detail: 2e Russ. 5% Inner. Anleihe mit praemien-verloos., 1866

  • Introduction
  • Part I Dutch Loans
  • Part II Imperial Loans
  • Part III Interest Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix with price guide

In this work, author, Ants Kulo gives an overview of more than 200 Russian Imperial loans. The external and internal loans from the book span the period 1769-1917. Valuations in the price guide are  expressed in USD (2003). 

A valuable addition for collectors interested in Russia's state securities and imperial history.


You migh want to read more about the Russian Imperial eagle, see here .