I am pretty sure that one can not be born as a scripophily artist. Though, if you look at some of these documents, beautifully designed and often printed in multi-colour, you would think quite the opposite.

detail from the 3% Bond of 500 Francs, 1863
Compagnie du Chemin de Fer de Libourne à Bergerac,
English: Libourne Bergerac Railway Company
Printed by the Imprimerie Centrale des Chemins de Fer de Napoléon Chaix et Cie., Paris
Design by L. Soury and engraved by F. Simon

Reference on painters, illustrators, designers, engravers, lithographers, etchers, photographers ...
Below, you will find an impressive overview of, broadly speaking, known artists and the shares and bonds they have been working on. The list has been put together by collector Mr. Jürgen Weritz from Bochum, Germany, who took up this gauntlet some time ago. Very early he generously shared his results and I decided to join his efforts.

How can you help ?
Well, very simple. If you know of a certificate, with a striking design or with an indication of and artist, that is not on the list, then you can email us its details, if possible with a scan. That way, the list can be updated and become of even more interest. You can email either me or Mr. Weritz.

You can find the reference list HERE .
List version : 22 February 2016