Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exhibition : Capital of Capital

In the exhibition Capital of Capital: New York Banks and the Creation of a Global Economy the Museum of the City of New York shows us how the NYC's banks evolved into the global financial players that we know today.

The exhibition displays historic documents, prints, cartoons, early credit cards, advertisements, bank-issued money, artificats and ofcourse stocks and bonds from New York banks. The exhibition is funded by Citigroup as part of its 200th anniversary commemoration.

Image source : Julia La Roche for  Business Insider

Practical info :

  • Location : Museum of the City of New York, 1220 5th Avenue at 103rd street, New York
  • Duration : 22 May 2012 - 21 October 2012
  • Opening times : Monday - Sunday 10:00-17:00

Detail info :


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Digest of scripophily readings VI

New online scripophily articles and references, September 2012

AHM brings our mining past back alive
Archivo Historico Minero is an online project, in Spanish. The site contains a large image database related to coal mining in Spain, but also gold and iron mines, marble quarries and lots of other mining sites and related events from all over the world. Numerous photographs are provided by many contributors. You can find here the main link to this project. Also, interesting for scripophily collectors, there is a section Acciones mineras with lots of images of mining stocks and bond certificates. You can find it there. A great initiative and anyone can help contributing images and related stories.

Telephone and telegraph histories from South America
In a series of books, published in the 1920s, Victor M. Berthold of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, discusses South America's telephone and telegraphy history featuring several early telecom companies :
  • History of the telephone and telegraph in Brazil, 1851-1921
  • History of the telephone and telegraph in Chile, 1851-1922
  • History of the telephone and telegraph in Colombia, 1865-1921
  • History of the telephone and telegraph in the Argentine republic, 1857-1921
  • History of the telephone and telegraph in Uruguay, 1886-1925
And guess what.. at least two of these books are available online! You can find the Argentine part here and the Brazilian part there. On the left, you'll find a link for downloading a PDF version.
Does anybody know if the other parts have been put online as well ?

Why Wall Street, why Bulls and why Bears ?
CNBC has put online some short videos about the history of Wall Street. Find the answers on the following questions in these minute videos :

Front cover of the magazine der aktiensammler
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der aktiensammler
In addition to the articles above, the latest August 2012 No.4/12 issue of der aktiensammler magazine, contains the following stories (in German) :
  • McDonald's : Fast food at its best
  • Die älteste Siemens-Aktie: Ein US-Papier aus dem Jahr 1883, in English: The oldest Siemens share (The Siemens' Regenerative Gas Lamp Company)
  • Die Rentenmark - der Sanierer der Hyperinflation, English: The Rentenmark - remedy for hyperinflation (part 10 in a series on the evolution of money)
  • Dampflok-Tradition: Nordhausen-Wernigeroder Eisenbahn AG, or in English: the Nordhausen-Wernigeroder Railway Company
  • Zwischen Wupper und Ruhr: Bergische Kleinbahnen AG, freely translated: Between the Wupper and the Ruhr (river) runs the Berg Light Railway Company
  • Trabrennbahn Hamburg-Bahrenfeld: Getrabt wird bald woanders, about the Hamburg-Bahrenfeld harness racing track
  • Friedrich Eberts Zwangsanleihe: Verjährte Massenpapiere, English: Friedrich Ebert's Forced Loan - piles of expired bonds
  • Die Ebay-Spekulationswelle flacht deutlich ab, in English: Speculation wave on Ebay is clearly weakening
  • other periodical topics : Auction Reviews, Book Reviews, Collector's Portrait, Events Calendar, Classifieds


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Exhibition : Echt oder Falsch ?

Since money was invented, people have tried to produce or use counterfeit money. Even countries, in the act of warfare, have tried to overflow the enemy's economy with fake bank notes.

image of genuine 200 Polish Zloty banknote and counterfeit copy
Polish 200 Zloty banknote, 1976
above: genuine
below: counterfeit
HVB Stiftung Geldscheinsammlung

Echt oder Falsch, Authentic or Counterfeit ?
The Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig, English: Museum of the Printing Arts Leipzig, will showcase genuine and forged banknotes spanning more than 2 centuries. About 150 exhibits from more than 30 countries will give you an insight into the world of counterfeit money. Banknote printers were often printers of securities as well. So, this is not a surprise, a few government securities are part of the exhibition !

The exhibition is a cooperation with the HypoVereinsbank’s Banknote Collecting Foundation and supported by Giesecke & Devrient GmbH München, the criminal investigation departments of Bavaria and Saxony (LKA) and Sammlung Haupt, Berlin.

Practical info :

  • Location : Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig, Nonnenstrasse 38, Leipzig, Germany
  • Duration : 14 October 2012 - 7 December 2012
  • Opening times : Monday - Friday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00
  • Closed : on Saturdays, also on 31 Oct and 21 Nov

Detail info :

To those who can visit the exhibition, please tell us how you experienced it.

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