Saturday, September 28, 2013

IBSS - Mail bid auction October 2013

The International Bond and Share Society, sets its next (members only) auction date to 11 October 2013. This auctions counts more than 200 lots from more than 30 countries.

share certificate of the Hungarian National Petroleum Company Ltd
Hungarian National Petroleum Company Limited
Ordinary shares of 1 Pound, 1920

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  • Date : October 11, 2013
  • Place : not applicable, this is a mail bid auction only
  • Practical info, see here 
  • Auction catalogue can be downloaded here, and images of the lots are listed there 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clairette de Die

Characterized by peach and apricot flavours and rose and honeysuckle aromas
Usually drunk young at a maximum of two years, served chilled at a temperature of 6°C to 8°C

Menglon is one of the villages in the Diois producing Clairette de Die.
Vineyards are located on the hill side at the left.
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source : Wikipedia contributer Minimoi30

Clairette de Die
In southeastern France lies Die, a small town in the Drôme department. Diois, the region around Die, counts hundreds of wine producers cultivating about one thousand five hundred hectares of vineyards. The making of the local sparkling wine, Clairette de Die, can be traced back over two thousand years. It is known that already around the 1700s two types of grape varieties formed the basis for its production: the Clairette Blanche and the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains. With the inauguration of the railway that linked Die to the line Paris-Lyon-Marseille in 1885, the market expanded further to the neighboring regions and took off in 1925 after the adoption of the Champenoise bottle. The Clairette received its first recognition with an appellation d'origine classification (AO) in 1910. The AOC, appellation d'origine contrôleé was established in 1942. 

Cave Coopérative de Clairette de Die, 1962
nominative certificate for 24 Shares of 5 Nouveaux Francs
printed by Imp. Reynard, Valence
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spink USA - Auction October 2013

Spink USA - The Collector's Series
US and world coins, paper money, bonds and shares, autographs, books and more
This auction contains more than 100 scripophily lots,
of which a substantial part consists of Confederate States material.

Confederate States of America
Fifteen Million Loan, 1861
Ball-825, Cr. 140

  • Date: October 9-10 2013
  • Place: New York, USA
  • More info, see here


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scripopily.Fi - Auction 16

Aktiebolaget Hotel Restaurant, English: Hotel Restaurant Company
1 Share of 1000 Finnish Mark, 1900, Helsingfors (Helsinki)
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  • Date: until 22 September 2013
  • Place: not applicable, this is an online event
  • Further info, see here


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Poll Results - women versus men in scripophily - part 3 Influences and areas of Interest

Thirty-six collectors of antique stocks and bonds participated in a survey about collecting behavior. The goal was to find similarities and differences between men and women. In this third and final part of the review, you can read how collectors may get introduced into our hobby and what related areas of interest they may have. The first part of the review, "Interaction", can be read here, the second part, "Preferences" can be read there

share of the Crédito Cántabro, engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent
Crédito Cántabro
1 share of 2000 Reales Vellon, unissued, Santander 1861
engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent
Artemon auction Sep 2013
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How did you obtain your first historical bond or share ?
Top answer was 'I saw it on a show, bourse, flea market, ..'. With the exception of the three participating women, almost half of the whole group of participants (fourteen men) say that their first collectible was made at a public event such as a bourse or flea market. Bourse organizers : use social media to announce the event, put an ad in a local newspaper, and position a sign board on the sidewalk. With a bit of luck, a number of passers-by will be curious enough to enter the fair, start to like what they discover and become a collector.

Sharing more or less a second place are the answers 'An article in a magazine or a book, made me decide to start collecting' and 'I was looking for other collectibles and found a certificate'.

Five persons, which represent almost 14% of the group (four men and one women) also started collecting after they received a stock or bond as 'gift from a relative, a friend', ' a gift from a collegue or the boss'. Let me add to this selection also that one participant that 'accidentally found a certificate'. Sure, a surprise for everyone of them. This expands this group to six persons, or almost 17%. 

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Did you ever collect anything as a child ?
We already learned how our participants became a scripophily collector. But were they "born" to be a collector? Do they have a nose for collecting since childhood ? Yes they have!  All women and the larger part of the men have collected stuff as a child. In my case, I always seemed to have collected something. It started at the age of six with cigar labels, which I got from my grandfather. Soon I switched to stamps that my grandmother gave to me, and at the age of ten I started collecting coins, like my father. Two years later I collected minerals, like an uncle did. Each one of these collections lasted three years at most.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Artemon - Mail bid auction September 2013

Numismatics and Economical History - Artemon auction
The German catalogue contains about a hundred scripophily lots.
Share depicted on the front cover above: 
Astilleros del Mediterraneo, 1917, Barcelona
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Share of the Credito Castellano company, engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent, featured in Artemon auction
Crédito Castellano
1 Share of 2000 Reales Vellon, 1862
engraved by Antonio Roca y Sallent

  • Date : September 11, 2013
  • Place : not applicable, this is a mail bid auction only
  • Practical info, see here
  • Auction catalogue can be downloaded here