Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book : Acciones Españolas

front cover of book Acciones Españolas, La Historia Gráfica de los Títulos Españoles
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image source by Boone Shares

  • Title : Acciones Españolas, la historia gráfica de los títulos Españoles; in English : Spanish share certificates, the graphical history of the Spanish securities
  • Authors : Jorge Ibáñez
  • ID : ISBN 84-95241-18-8, published by Bancoval, S.A. Grupo Dexia, 2001
  • Languages : Spanish and English
  • Number of pages : 197
  • Images : more than 150 large color images 
  • Indexes : no index

This luxury publication introduces us into, arguably, the most decorative theme in scripophily one can think of : Spain. More than 150 large color images are used to illustrate the following topics, both in Spanish and English :
  • Sociedades por acciones y modernización económica en España (1700-2000); Stock companies and economic modernisation in Spain (1700-2000)
  • Las primeras compañias; The first companies (18th century)
  • La Españia de ultramar; Spain overseas (including some Philippines and Cuban certificates)
  • La deuda pública; Public debt
  • Los bancos; The banks
  • El seguro y el mar; Insurance and the sea
  • Aparece el tren; The arrival of the train
  • El último tranvía; the last streetcar
  • El automóvil; the automobile
  • Las minas; Mines
  • La electricidad; Electricity
  • Con pan y vino; With bread and wine 
  • El Modernismo Catalán; Catalonian Art Nouveau
  • Madrid, Madrid, Madrid
  • Los Españoles se divierten; Spaniards have fun

Most sections are briefly covered but the following ones are illustrated with a more extensive set of certificates including several rare pieces : 18th century companies, railroads and tramways and Catalonian art (including 3 certificates designed by J. Camins).

The companies included were active in the field of : trading companies, insurances, mining, banking, railway and tramways, public debt, public transport, electric power and lighting, food & wine, bull fighting, and more. 

A nice introduction into antique stocks and bonds from Spain.