Want List

Please contact me if you want your 'want list' here.

Peter Blickisdorf
Check my tobacco (Tabak) WANTED list on my homepage www.tabak-peter.ch . If you have to offer any of the listed papers please let me know.

Rüdiger Hein
heinsteiner @ hotmail.com,
for the following certificates :
  • Mines de Diamants de Cannavieiras
  • Cannavieiras Cie generale des diamants du Bresil S.A. 

F. Leeuwerck
franky.leeuwerck @ gmail.com,
for any of the following certificates :
  • Charbonnages de Bernissart (Société Anonyme des), Obligation de F500 - Emprunt 2000000 Francs, 1898 Bernissart
  • Electrologica
  • Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company (Compagnie Belge du Téléphone Bell )
  • Ferranti
  • British Tabulating Machine Company

G. Bertrand
guy.bertrand @  telenet.be , mobile +32 475500851
for certificates related to :
  • automotive from  UK, France and Belgium
  • aviation from UK, France and Belgium
  • railways Belgium

franky.leeuwerck @ gmail.com,
for Japanese certificates from post WWI technology companies, see here 
私はを探しています 無効株券