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Reference catalogue : Sicily

Image by Boone Shares

  • Title : Sicilia, Carte Valori d'Epoca Collana Regionale, freely translated in English : Sicily, Old Securities Regional Series
  • Author : Alex Witula, Giuseppe Giambalvo
  • ID : ISBN 88-900-170-6-6 (original), ISBN 978-88-900170-6-3 (since Jan 2007); published by Portafoglio Storico
  • Languages : Italian
  • Number of pages : 144
  • Images : one or two  color images on almost every page
  • Index : certificates ordered by province, then by name

This colorful small format catalog presents scripophily from Sicily. Included are 
  • bonds and shares from Sicilian companies 
  • bonds and shares from Italian and non-Italian companies but operating mainly in Sicily
  • government and city bonds from Sicily

The companies listed were active in the field of : banking, mining, football, railways, real estate, transport, agriculture, sugar, explosives, shipping, public construction, shipyards, insurances, state loans, electricity, film, metal works, shops, hotels and wine.

Chapters group items per province. Each chapter contains also a list of known securities of which there is no good image available :
  • Agrigento
  • Caltanissetta
  • Catania
  • Enna
  • Messina
  • Palermo
  • Ragusa
  • Siracusa
  • Trapani

The book contains a separate leaflet containing the index on the certificates with corresponding price valuations. 

Scripophily from Sicily is not often seen. This collecting theme is much richer than I originally thought not only in terms of numbers of certificates but also in its decorative qualities. Where possible, the author has mentioned the artists that designed some of these historical papers. Bèn fatto!


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