Thursday, June 20, 2013

Urgent ! Petition for the Amsterdam Tropenmuseum

The Museum of the Tropics in Amsterdam is hit by budget cuts and the government even plans to close it. Please help putting this case again on the Dutch government agenda by signing an online petitionUntil June 30, 2013 40,000 signatures are required.

interior of the museum
picture from Wikipedia by Ziko van Dijk 
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As one of Europe’s leading ethnographic museums its rich collection reflects the Dutch colonial history. The museum houses more than 640,000 objects including 
  • 485,000 photographs
  • 5,500 musical instruments as well as various other theatrical objects such as masks and puppets
  • 21,000 textile artifacts, a majority of which are from Indonesia
  • 19,000 miscellaneous drawings, paintings, and documents

The collection includes also antique stocks and bonds. Some of them are available online, see here. You can use the Dutch search terms 'aandeel' (share) and 'obligatie' (bond). 

Batjan Archipel Maatschappij, Dutch East Indies
Ordinary share of 500 Guilder
Rotterdam, 1911
image source : Tropenmuseum, Online Collections

Ursula Kampmann, from CoinsWeekly brought this under my attention, see here. The Tropenmuseum is about people, and I am a people-person. That is why I also signed the petition. If you feel the same way like me then sign too and spread the word. Signatures are needed before 30 June 2013. The online petition is located here.

For non dutch speakers, on the site: please fill in your first name and last name (Ik = Identity = put your name), city (Wonende te = City = put your city) and your email and send. Next, click on the confirmation link in the email that you will receive subsequently.

Thank you !

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