Monday, June 3, 2013

The Scheele Morroco collection

The name "Morocco" originates from the Spanish "Marruecos", 
the Portuguese "Marrocos", or medieval Latin "Morroch", which 
referred to the name of the city of Marrakech. 

The Arabic name of the country is  المملكة المغربية 
(al-Mamlakat al-Maghribiyyah) meaning "The Western Kingdom". 

Gouvernement Impérial du Maroc,
4% Bond of 500 Francs, Rabat, 1914
source: HWPH
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A major scripophily collection from Morocco
On November 10 2012 a collection, likely the largest of its kind, of Morrocan securities was auctioned by HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG. The collection covers 591 certificates from 453 different issuers, brought together by the seller over a time span of tens of years. More than 80 per cent of the issuers, mentioned in the book Le Maroc en Scripophilie, are represented in this collection, but also, more than 200 certificates from the collection are not mentioned in the book. 

The collection was not sold in the auction, but the auctioneer has digitized it. The images have been put online. You can browse all of it on the tailor-made website Scripophily Morocco.  

Entreprise de Travaux et Location de Genie Civil
10 Shares of 100 Dirhams, Casablanca, 1969
ource: HWPH


NB : The link to this online collection is also included on the Online Exhibitions section of this blog's calendar page.

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