Friday, December 25, 2015

Scripophily magazine 98

It's only a matter of one or two weeks before you can expect the next issue of Scripophily magazine in the mailbox. For those who are not subscribed, here is an overview of the stories from the last August issue :
  • The Anderson Motor Company
  • $100,000 Denomination Chinese 1937 Liberty Bond print inconsistencies , about counterfeit Chinese bonds
  • Rarity Key System , a joined communication by several auction houses 
  • The bonds issued under the forced loans of Jérôme Bonaparte , a story on Westphalia Kingdom finance 
  • Rafting Scripophily , highlights early timber logging and transport companies in the US
  • Embossed British revenue stamps , did you know about the junction between British revenue stamps and stocks and bonds?
  • Charles A Stoneham & Co mining curb brokers , a story on a remarkable mining stock brokerage firm
  • Sensation at 5 centimes in 'Le Petit Journal', an updated article about this famous French newspaper company 
  • An early IBM predecessor company, about the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co
  • China's Historic Foreign Bonds, by J M Thompson and M D Perry , book review 
  • Pictorial Stock Certificates - Lithography and Engravings for the Graphic Art Collector, by B Brown , book review 
  • Cox's Corner : We're not getting any younger , tips about specializing your collection
  • other periodical topics : society matters, news, bourse reviews, auction reviews, events calendar, member classifieds, book reviews, interviews and lots of pictures of collector friends and scripophily
Did you know about the previously rare Suez canal company
where about 50 hoard certificates recently appeared?
Read about it in Scripophily magazine Nr 98 Aug 2015
image from Wikipedia:
Suez Canal from 1881 Young Persons' Cyclopedia of Persons and Places

Scripophily magazine is a publication from the International Bond & Share Society.


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