Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Innovative service for first-class collections

Last year, the Centrum voor Scriptofilie (or Scripophily Center in English) announced : an online service for its customers. This is not just another online web presence. On the contrary, Mario Boone, director of the company, came up with a new, innovative way of handling third-party collections online. Worthwile to write a few lines about it.

Read on, when
a) you are an advanced collector and it has become difficult to complete your collection
b) or, you need to sell your collection in its entirety
c) or, you are looking for an interesting investment opportunity

How does meet these needs ? Well, the service offers an Internet platform to display collections from collectors who :
  1. wish to receive offers for missing pieces
  2. wish to sell their collection in their entirety
  3. a combination of both the above.
The role of the service provider is supportive: 
  • making a digital inventory of the collection
  • optionally scanning shares and bonds
  • display a collection online
  • estimate the collection
  • finding a buyer for the entire collection
  • mediate between the customer and potential sellers of new entries of a collection
  • ensuring customer's privacy by default
  • et cetera
You are correct when you say that these kind of activities are common practises for auctioneers and antique dealers. But, at least to my knowledge, it is the first time I see this implemented by means of a web platform targeting the world wide public.

Possibly there is something in it for you, I mean even when you are not planning to put your collection online. Do you have a bond or share certificate for sale that can supplement one of these collections ? Contact the Scripophily Center, maybe your piece finds a new home. 

More info available on

Below are some images from the collections currently on display.


Staeten van Vlaenderen
Loan 2400 Gulden, 1780
issued to Bisschoppelijk Seminarie van Brugge
(Episcopal Seminary of Bruges)
- Bruges collection -

Corpus Christi Ship Channel Company
Shares of $100 each, 1859
- US Canals collection -

Dioramique  Le Pelerinage de Jerusalem à Montmartre
Société de l'Exposition Dioramique 
Le Pelerinage de Jerusalem à Montmartre
Share of 100 Francs, 1887
Panoramas collection -

Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto share certificate depicting bridge built by Eiffell
Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto
5 Shares of 10$000, 1908
Portuguese Railroads collection -

bond from Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Bas-Congo au Katanga
Belgian Congo
Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Bas-Congo au Katanga
4% Bond of 100 Francs, 1911
Belgian Congo Railroads collection -

share certificate from Charbonnages de Limbourg-Meuse (steenkool Limburg)
Charbonnages de Limbourg-Meuse S.A.
Share of 500 Francs, 1949
Coalmines from Limburg (Belgium) collection -

printer proof Wagons-Lits
Compagnie Internationale des 
Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens
5 Ordinary shares of 500 Francs, printer proof, 1954
Wagons-Lits collection -

Société de l'Union pour les Productions Agricole (Egypt)
Société de l'Union pour les Productions Agricole
Egypt collection -
More about this top collection, see here .

N.B. Other online collections can be seen here.

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