Monday, April 4, 2016

HWPH - Auction 41 and 42

HWPH Auction 41
cover: lot 71
Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez
1/5th founder share, 1930

Canal Maritime Russe des Deux Mers (de Riga à Kherson) printer proof Imprimerie Richard
Lot 782 from the live auction 
Société d'Études du Canal Maritime Russe des Deux Mers (de Riga à Kherson) 
promissory note for a profit share
printer proof from Imprimerie G. Richard ca. 1891
The final certificate would have incorporated, on the right side,
the Russian version of the French text printed on the left.
After Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Triple Alliance (1882), France and Russia 
found themselves sharing a common foreign policy with mutual strategic military interests.  
Financial ties between the two countries developed and this French company can be seen 
as an example of that growing flow of French capital into Russia. The company was formed 
to assess the practicality of developing and operating a waterway 
between Riga (Baltic Sea) and Kherson (Black Sea). The Dvina river connects Riga with Vitebsk. 
And the Dnieper river connects Orsha with Kherson. A 90km canal between Vitebsk and Orsha 
could make the connection complete. By 1894 both countries had formalized their Franco-Russian alliance, but due to World War I and the subsequent Russian Revolution, the project was never realised.

Société d'Études du Canal Maritime Russe des Deux Mers (de Riga à Kherson)
detail from the certificate above
double-click image to enlarge 

HWPH Auction 42
cover: lot 881 
Credit Foncier de Tunisie
privileged share, ca. 1891

  • Dates : 16 April 2016 - Auction 41 ; 18 April - Auction 42, internet only
  • Place : Auction 41, Würzburg, GERMANY
  • Further info , see here 


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