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Book : Shares & Co. - A journey through the world of securities and the history of capitalism

Both a reference book and an exhibition catalogue
published in an English, German and French edition

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  • Title : 
    • English edition : Shares & Co. - A journey through the world of securities and the history of capitalism
    • German edition : Aktien & Co. - Ein Streifzug durch die Welt der Wertpapiere und die Geschichte des Kapitalismus
    • French edition : Actions & Cie. - A la découverte de l’univers des papiers-valeurs et de l’histoire du capitalisme
  • Authors : Dagmar Schönig, Thomas Fenner
  • ID : ISBN 978-3-033-04124-0 (only for the German edition), published by Wertpapierwelt
  • Languages : see different editions
  • Number of pages : 77 (English and French ed.), 152 (German ed.)
  • Images : about 110 color images
  • Available from Wertpapierwelt, see here 

This catalogue accompanies the main exhibition currently presented in Wertpapierwelt's scripophily museum. An easy read, written for the broad public, and still comprehensive, this work makes us understand about the how, what, when and why of securities and capitalism. Do you know the difference between a subscription right and an interim certificate ? Can you tell why the introduction of bearer stocks made sense at a specific moment in history ? You'll find answers on questions like these and many more in this handy publication.

German World War I loan design by Hanns Anker
8. Kriegsanleihe, Germany, 1918
design by Hanns Johannes Anker (1873-1950) 
one of many certificates featured in the book
image by courtesy of Wertpapierwelt

  • Shares & Co. - How financial instruments work
    • Introduction : From bartering to stock exchanges, The corporate capital, From physical commercial paper to digital book-entries
    • Shares
    • Bonds
    • Derivatives
    • Historical financial instruments
    • Security features of securities certificates
  • The story of capitalism - How shares changed the world
    • 17th/18th centuries : The origins of the joint stock company
    • 19th century : Shares take off in the nineteenth century
    • 20th century : World wars, economic miracles and the world wide web

Both the English and French editions are printed as a booklet (Price: 15 CHF). Pages contain up to three smaller images. The German edition (Price: 20 CHF) is published as a book with a hard cover counting twice as many pages. The contents is the same but the images are larger (one per page). For the linguists among us, why not buy an English or French edition together with the German edition. Not only will you enjoy larger images, but you can immerse yourself in a German scripophily language course.


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