Saturday, June 27, 2015

Printers : Kelly Print

The share certificate below is printed by Kelly Print from Denver, Colorado. Except for the Colorado state seal, the print looks rather plain. 

Amity Canal, Reservoir and Improvement Company, share certificate from 1891
The Amity Canal, Reservoir and Improvement Co. 
(name as indicated on the embossed seal in the bottom left corner)
Incorporated under the laws of Colorado.
Capital stock $400,000 in shares of $50; issued in 1891.
double-click image to enlarge 

As so often is the case with plain looking certificates, the little hidden details are cheating you. Only when you take your time to have a closer look, you'll be surprised. 

The left and right borders contain two tiny bird vignettes, a dove and a rooster. Both measure only 7 mm each (0.28 inch).

tiny dove vignette measures 7 mm

The paper contains also a nice watermark. By means of some image edits, I was able to make the watermark visible. Double-click the image below, and you can recognize a large turkey. 

watermark of turkey
Watermark shows 'Turkey Linen' and a turkey.

Kelly Print is not often seen in scripophily. A Colorado certificate of the Rossiter Mining & Milling Company, auctioned as lot 1463 by Holabird's Western American auction #9, was also printed by Kelly Print. Any more information about Kelly Print or certificates printed by this printer is welcome.


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