Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gould in Cleveland's Encyclopedia

The other day I was doing some research about the Gould Inc. company on the Internet. I came across an article on this webpage. It mentioned that the Gould company purchased in 1969 the Clevite Corporation which was a major supplier of ordnance and oceanographic equipment to the U.S. Navy. But it was the link at the bottom that caught my attention : BUSINESS, INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY . I could not resist that one, clicked it and bingo : an inventory page of more than 800 entries to articles about company histories, business people and technology topics related to Cleveland.

Gould Inc.
warrant to purchase common shares, hole-cancelled in 1969
printed by the Federated Banknote Company
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The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
Announced to the public in May 1998, the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, see here, brings us the history of greater Cleveland, Ohio. Maintained by Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Western Reserve Historical Society, it is the first modern urban encyclopedia available on the World Wide Web. Thousands of articles, photographs, maps and multimedia files have been produced and provided by on-line editor John J. Grabowski, Krieger-Mueller Associate Professor of Applied History, together with graduate students from the Department of History at CWRU and volunteer writers outside of the university. The site contains an efficient search engine. Give it a try, let's say with the words railway and railroad, and you'll be amazed at the number of companies involved in Cleveland's railway history. A great research medium !

Cleveland Ship Building Company
Cleveland Ship Building Co.,
a forerunner of the American Ship Building Co., 1890

Source: Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
provided by Western Reserve Historical Society


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PS: Why the research on Gould Inc.
Well, I was interested in Gould's history in computer manufacturing. In 1981 Gould acquired Systems Engineering Laboratories, a designer and manufacturer of minicomputers, which became the Gould Computer Systems Division. Gould developed its "Reflective Memory" technology used in real-time computing which allowed up to eight computers to share memory at a very high speed. In 1983 a pair of Gould SEL 32/8780 minicomputers were used in SAIL, the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory in Houston, Texas, for the Space Shuttle simulator environment. 

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