Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reference catalogue : Belgische Scheepvaartaandelen 1721-1989

I will occasionally briefly describe a reference book or catalogue in my postings.

  • Title : Belgische Scheepvaartaandelen 1721-1989
  • Authors : A. Steppe
  • ID: without publication number, published by Centrum voor Scriptophilie BVBA
  • Languages : English, introductions in Dutch and French
  • Number of pages : 88
  • Images : color, mostly 3 per page
  • Indexes : no indexes, but main ordering by company name
This catalogue includes shipping lines, shipyards, fishing and canal companies.


  1. Frankie,

    This is great, any idea where I can get a copy?

    Tim Welo

  2. Hello Tim,

    I ordered my copy at 'Centrum voor Scriptophilie'.
    Contact info :

    Thx for the comments.