Friday, December 9, 2011

Book : Terra Australis

  • Title : Terra Australis - An Adventurous Financial History of Australian Shares and Loans / Abenteuer australischer Finanzgeschichte in Aktien und Anleihen
  • Authors : Michael P.A. Liebig
  • ID: ISBN 3-89090-706-7, published by Markt & Technik Verlag AG, 1988
  • Languages : English, German
  • Number of pages : 175
  • Images : black & white, multiple images on almost every page
  • Indexes : no indexes
In this book the author takes the reader on a journey through the historical development of Australia. Many images from share certificates, maps, engravings and other ephemera are included. Certificates seen from the following themes : banking, agriculture, schools, state bonds, textile, tobacco, mining (coal, copper, tin, etc.) , gold, food, oil, railways, transport, forestry, shipping, automobiles, aviation, metal works, film, breweries, sports.
Chapters :
  • A Passage through History
  • The Share conquers Australia
  • 50 Years after James Cook
  • Pressing for Gold
  • Australia under Steam
  • From Hell to Hope
  • Australia becomes mobile
  • Flying Doctors, Cackling of Hens and a School in the Air
  • And to conclude
A must have for the serious collector of Australian scripophily !
Did anyone compile an index of the shares illustrated in this book ?
I would be happy to add the index to this post.

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