Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exhibition : Companies from the Gelnhausen district

The Kürle publishing house is organizing a double scripophily exhibition on the occasion of its 110th  anniversary. Happy birthday !

District Gelnhausen scripophily
Till August 30 2012 the Companies from the Gelnhausen district exhibition shows certificates from the region Gelnhausen. Certificates can be seen from companies like Veritas AG, Gebrüder ADT AGSteinauer Basaltwerke, and much more.  Place to be : 

  • Until 30 August : Kreissparkasse Gelnhausen, Barbarossastr. 2,  Gelnhausen, Germany
  • On 1 September : Romanischen Haus (Roman House), Gelnhausen, Germany

share certificate of the Bruinkolen en Basalt-Maatschappij Steinau
Bruinkolen en Basalt-Maatschappij "Steinau"
Englisch: Brown coal and Basalt Company "Steinau"
Share of 500 Gulden, 1902
Dutch mining company active in the Gelnhausen region
image source : Kürle
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1 day exhibition
Also on 1 September, and only this day, a second exhibition Customers and Suppliers of the Kürle publishing house, displays bonds, shares and related documents from companies like Berthold AG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Linotype AG, Apple, Sony, Hewlett-Packard and other companies active in the paper, printing and publishing business and even more. Place to be : Romanisches Haus (Roman House) in Gelnhausen, Germany.

share certificate of Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.
one of many suppliers of the Kürle publishing house

More information (in German) on both exhibitions, see here and there .


P.S. This message was on short notice, yet I felt that it was still useful to bring it under the attention. After all, we can not often visit a scripophily exhibition, can't we ?

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