Friday, May 30, 2014

Reference book : Dictionnaire des Patrons en Belgique

  • Title : Dictionnaire des Patrons en Belgique, in English: Dictionary of Belgian Business Leaders
  • Author : Kurgan-van Hentenryk Ginette, Jaumain Serge, Montens Valérie
  • ID : ISBN 2-8041-1581-X; published 1996 by De Boeck Université
  • Languages : French
  • Number of pages : 729
  • Images : about 150 black and white images and 15 color images
  • Index : 1. alphabetical index on companies and persons

This comprehensive reference book describes more than 500 Belgian entrepreneurs and financers active between 1830 and 1980 regarding their family background, social status, education, business career, political functions, cultural activities, business networks and interests. Included are descriptions of notable business families. An example is the Solvay family, described in 6 pages including biographical entries of Ernest, Alfred and Armand Solvay.

In many cases these Belgian captains of industry founded companies all over the world. That makes this work a "not only for Belgians" book. The book concludes with a +40 page long mixed index on company and person name. The reverse lookup of a company name can be interesting as it yields one or more entries in the dictionary. Also here an example : the Tramways de Szegedin, which operated in Hungary, is mentioned with the entries of two bankers, namely Léon Cassel and David Van Buuren. 

The book contains many images, mostly portraits, but also ads, photographs and a handful of letterheads and share certifates as well.

A great book for the advanced researcher. 


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