Friday, June 10, 2016

Archives International Auctions - part XXXIII

Mukden Bank of Industrial Development (lot 227)
Pair of color trial ABNC printer proofs 
- proofs printed in a color other than the issued color - 
for $1 bond and $10 bond, 1918-1919 issue
The currency mentioned on the proofs is the Silver Dollar, introduced in 1914 as the national currency of the Republic of China. The bank was one of the many banks in China that was allowed to issue banknotes. Mukden is the Manchu name for the city of Shenyang. With the building of the South Manchurian Railway, Mukden became a stronghold of Russia, which occupied it after the Boxer Rebellion. Following the Japanese victory over Russia (1905) the city became part of the Japanese-controlled South Manchuria Railway Zone.
Estimated at $200-400

Archives International Auctions - Part XXXIII
Chinese, Asian & Worldwide Banknotes and Scripophily

This auction contains approximately 50 lots of scripophily.

  • Dates : June 28, 2016 
  • Place : Fort Lee, NJ 
  • Further info : see here , for the catalog there 


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