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Discover Palestine and Israeli securities in The Shekel journal

Those interested in historic stocks and bonds from Israel and Palestine should have a look at The Shekel, in particular Volume XIV, No. 4, July-August, 1981.

The Shekel, The Journal of Israel & Judaic History & Numismatics
The Shekel
Journal of Israel & Judaic History & Numismatics

In 1968 the American Israel Numismatic Association (AINA) started publishing its journal The Shekel. The magazine encourages the study and collection of Judaic numismatics in the broadest sense. Volume XIV, No. 4, July-August, 1981, contains a topic for us. 

In Scripophily: Judaic fiscal history, author Sidney L. Olson brings a ten page story on securities from Palestine and Israel. Twelve black-and-white images show stocks and bonds issued in British pound, Turkish lira, rubles, Egyptian pound, Palestine pound and lirot (Israeli pound).

Agrobank (Agriculture & Building Bank for Palestine, Ltd) debenture issued in Tel-Aviv 1939
The full name for Agrobank is Agriculture & Building Bank for Palestine, Ltd.
This 3% debenture for 2 Palestine pounds was issued in Tel-Aviv, 1939.

This is one of the certificates illustrating the SL Olsen article.
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There is good news. You can read the article online for free. All Shekel journals were digitized from 1968 up to 2010 by the Internet Archive. Here are the links :

After opening an online version of the journal, you'll find a link for a downloadable PDF version.
Likely other issues also contain scripophily material. I'd be happy to know about that.


The Shekel is also the name for ancient Israeli coins.
This is a silver Jerusalem shekel (AD 68) from the First Jewish Revolt against Roman rule.
The name Shekel was also chosen for the new currency that replaced the Israeli pound in 1980
Attribution: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. 

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