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Reference book: Österreichische Bankaktien by Dieter J. Geerkens

Historische Wertpapiere Band 1: Österreichische Bankaktien is a reference catalog on antique bonds and shares from banking companies formed within the territory of Austria, including those banks set up during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The book, a large format publication, was put together by author Dieter J. Geerkens. 

  • Title: Österreichische Bankaktien
  • Author : Dieter J. Geerkens
  • ID : no ID, published 1998 by Dieter J. Geerkens
  • Languages : German
  • Number of pages : 255
  • Images : more than 120 black and white and 150 page wide color images
  • Index : on company names; index located on page 51 

The  catalog entries are divided over two sections. 

A first small section, "Zwischenkatalog", describes the companies that lasted only a few months, and of which no securities are known (at least at the time when this book was published). This part includes about 40 companies that were founded just before or after the Vienna Stock Exchange Crash of 1873. Some examples are : Grazer Bankverein, Pfandlei-Anstalt Steyr, etc. 

The second section, "Hauptkatalog", features about 140 banks with background information and a listing of their known securities. Each certificate has a catalog number referring to its entry in the price catalog chapter, and color photographs in the last part of the book. Some of the companies included are : British-Oesterreichische Bank- und Handels-Aktiengesellschaft, OrientBank (Palästinabank), Tiroler Hauptbank, etc.

  • Vorwort und Erklärungen (Preface and explanations)
  • Kapitel 1 : Die Wiener Börse (Chapter 1 : The Vienna Stock Exchange) 
  • Kapitel 2: Die Banknoten (Chapter 2 : The banknotes)
    • Das Papiergeld
    • Verpfändung
    • Steueränderungen
    • Kriegsfinanzierung durch Steuern
    • Inflation
    • Bankozettel 1800
    • Wiener Stadt Banco Zettel Papiergeld anno 1800
    • Zollerhöhungen
    • Vorratsversteuerung
    • Der Friede von Austerlitz
    • Einlösungsscheine
    • Einlösungsdeputation
    • Keine neuen Steuern - Pferde vom Kaiserhaus
    • Staatsschulden-Tilgungsfonds
  • Kapitel 3: Die ersten Aktienbanken (Chapter 3: The first joint-stock banks)
    • Die Hofhaltung war kostspielig
    • Die privilegierte Oesterreichische Nationalbank
    • Die ersten Aktienbanken | Erneuerung des Notenbankprivilegiums 1841
  • Kapitel 4: Die Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Bank
    • Viertelaktie der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank
    • Aktie der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank
    • Interimsschein der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank
  • Kapitel 5: Die Bankgeschichte 1855 bis 1938 (Chapter 5: Banking history 1855 to 1938)
    • Der Wiener Börsenkrach 1873
    • 1873 bis 1914
    • Die Friedenszeiten von 1866 bis 1914
    • Erinnerungen an 1873
  • Kapitel 6: Historische Wertpapiere: Aktienbanken (Chapter 6: Historical securities: joint-stock banks)
    • Inhaltsverzeichnis der Aktienbanken
    • Zwischenkatalog
    • Hauptkatalog
  • Kapitel 7: Preiskatalog
  • Literaturverzeichnis (Literature list)
  • Anhang: Farbteil (Appendix: Color section)

The M. L. Biedermann & Co. Bankaktiengesellschaft was originally founded in 1792 by Michael Lazar Biedermann, imperial Austrian court jeweler and co-founder of the Jewish community in Vienna. This  certificate for 25 shares of 400 Krone was issued in Vienna, 1921 and printed by H. Engel & Sohn. Other types of this share are illustrated in the catalog as number 1153, 1154 and 1157. 

The book was published almost 25 years ago, so the price indications (mentioned in Austrian Shilling) are not relevant anymore. Yet, this is a top work for anyone interested in the history of Austrian banking described and well illustrated in the first 50 pages of this volume. The color photographs are really well made! 


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