Sunday, December 11, 2022

Jigsaw Mayombe

According to The New York Times jigsaw puzzles improve skills like spatial reasoning. Jigsaws can even help to avert anxiety. (Enjoy More 'Eureka!' Moments with Jigsaw Puzzles, NYT, Alexis Soloski, Dec 12, 2020)

So here is a new scripophily jigsaw depicting one of the most appealing Belgian Congo share certificates: . 

Have fun !

This 1899 share from Les Produits du Mayombe was produced by Félix Wylands, a well-known photoengraver. Wylands started his career as a pharmacist but was soon fascinated by the possibilities of the chemical photoengraving process. As owner of the Société Anonyme Les Arts Graphiques he made several prints for artistic publications. 


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