Sunday, January 14, 2024

The new Scripophily magazine is out!

Scripophily is the world’s most comprehensive and insightful publication for passionate collectors and active researchers of antique securities. This three-yearly periodical, printed on high quality paper, is the flagship of The International Bond and Share Society (IBSS).

Its 2024 January issue brings over 40 pages of scripophily news, in depth articles, book reviews, and pictures of collector friends. Scripophily magazine is illustrated with tons of gorgious stock certificates. This one from the A/S Spitzbergen company is a highlight featured in one of the many auction reports included in the publication. 

A significant part of Scripophily magazine brings reports on auctions in this collecting field. This 1905 stock certificate from the AS Spitzbergen company shows a vignette of a whaler harpooning a whale. That year, the Tønsberg-based whaling company built a whaling station on Finneset, a peninsula located on the east side of Grønfjorden on Spitsbergen. The certificate sold for NOK6,200 at the auction of the Norwegian Scripophily Society

Here is a summary on the main topics brought in the new issue :
  • Unique War Bond, a remarkable discovery of a World War I prisoner camp library bond 
  • Gatling Ordnance Co Misfires
  • The Case of the Missing Farmers, an Egyptologist traces back Crédit Agricole d'Égypte vignettes 
  • Taking Stock of Pittsburgh 
  • David and Goliath, The Winona and Southwestern railroad takes on The Chicago and Northwestern railroad 
  • Scripophily Frozen, winter scenes in scripophily

Become a member of IBSS and receive three times per year this great magazine. The 1 year membership costs £28 or $35 or €32. And the magazine is not the only benefit you'll receive. 

More info can be found on-line here at the website of the International Bond & Share Society: 


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