Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goble Aviation from Texas

The state of Texas, the 2nd-largest in the country, counts the most airports of all states in the USA and therefore hosts many airlines and aviation related companies.

Goble Aviation, Inc. 1963
This scarce stock certificate for 100 "A" shares of the Goble Aviation company depicts the Lone Star of Texas.  It is issued to and signed by James S. Vecchio as secretary and signed by M.T. Goble as president.

In particular, the share bears an emboss inaccurately made on a pre-printed gold seal.

You can clearly notice that the emboss has been produced after the certificate was printed.
(More about seals, see my posting Seals Stories (click) )

There is another curious feature about this share. The name Goble is pretty difficult to spell. I catched myself more than once, typing Globe instead. I am not the only one apparently, because 2 typos have been corrected in a not unnoted way. Click the certificate's image, and you'll see that not only the name of the company (below the star vignette) has been corrected, but also the typed name of the president (just above the $ sign).

So far, I could not determine whether this company was an airline or involved in avionics. I'd welcome any further background information on this company being posted in the comments of this article.

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