Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reference catalogue : Scripophily from Morocco

image by Boone Shares

  • Title : Le Maroc en Scripophilie
  • Authors : Marc-Edouard Enay, Mourad Kusserow, Jean Célerier
  • ID : ISBN 3-033-00084-3, published by Verlag im Orient-Antiquariat, 2004
  • Languages : French
  • Number of pages : 213
  • Images : color images, often multiple per page
  • Indexes : certificates are ordered by company name, further indexes: 1. place names, 2. artists, 3. printers

This luxury edition is a great book on Moroccan shares and bonds. Not less than 400 certificates are discussed. The catalogue section is preceeded by a set of very informative chapters on the history of Morocco which makes the book a thorough reference :
  • Titre anciens du Maroc (old Moroccan securities)
  • Histoire du Maroc (history of Morocco)
  • Du Sultanat au Royaume (from the Sultanate to the Kingdom of Morocco)

The book contains also a list of Arabic terms used and a map of Moroccan mining places, and what I in particular like is an index on place names and one on the artists that designed the shares.

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