Thursday, December 23, 2010

This was 2010

Almost a year ago, I wondered if starting a blog on antique stocks and bonds was a good idea. Some unanswered questions kept me yo-yo-ing between a go for it and a don't do it :
  • Could I produce enough postings on a regular basis ?
  • Would anyone show any interest in scripophily postings ?
  • Would there be enough time to do this ?
  • Would I master the Blogger tools ?
Nevertheless, in April I decided to go for it. Here we are now, 35 articles later and looking at a few blog statistics will help me to evaluate this past year.

Content delivery
Initially I aimed for two or three short articles per month. Finding topics was easier than I thought. Often, just looking at a share certificate or doing a quick google search on a company name, was sufficient to bring up some ideas.
However, finding the time to write an article was more difficult. Writing a good article was also tougher than I expected and I am still learning to master this.

Any way, I was able to publish one posting per week by average. Most of these articles are larger than I intended. Restricting the length of articles takes most of my blogging time.
Google provides some web tools to analyze your blog traffic. The following results apply for the period 15 Sep 2010 - 17 Dec 2010.
Apparently, about 613 absolute unique visitors were spotted in the period, 40 to 80 per week.

The returning visitors make out 40%, which comes down to about 250 visitors in the whole period. This doesn't mean all of the visitors are collectors.
About 70% of the visits come from Western Europe and Northern America. You can clearly see this on the map with the visiting locations.

Thank you !
I am very pleased with the number of returning visitors. Thank you for the (yet few) comments that have been posted. The more comments you submit the better I can evaluate if a posting was meaningful or not. Comments can be in any form : remarks, additions, corrections, questions, ..
When looking back now, I feel I have made a good decision. So, yes, I'll continue this Blogosphere adventure in 2011.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
N.B. : 
There is a PDF, containing all articles of 2010, freely available to everyone sending me an email with his interests (themes) in scripophily.


  1. Dear Franky,

    It is the readers that should be thanking you for this blog. You do a great job of posting interesting articles and the illustrations are wonderful.

    I am not surprised with the high percentage of repeat visitors to this blog.

    I will definitely send an email with me interest and would love to receive the pdf of all the 2010 articles.

    All the best and have a great New Year!

    Tim W.

  2. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for the encouraging words !

    Franky L.