Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poll results - classification of stocks and bonds

Here are the results of the poll about ordering your old stocks and bond certificates.

This was the question :
What is your preferred way of
- searching a sales catalogue ?
- browsing a dealer's album on a bourse ?
- classifying your antique stocks and bonds ?
And here are the results :

The chart shows that 50% of the participants prefer a classification by country, and then by type of activiy.

This poll was set up with the intention to have a little fun and without the ambition of holding an official poll. But it is interesting to make some thoughts about it.  Some sources say that conducting a poll with 1000 persons on a population of 1 million people may result in a representative poll.

I earlier showed this blog had about 600 visitors in the past half year (see here) . There were 14 votes (including mine), which seems an acceptable number.

Anyway, the results did matter to me. I spent an afternoon with rearranging my shares and bond certificates. It was not an obvious thing to do because depending on the date of issue, two shares of the same company may belong to another country.
Thank you for votes !


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