Monday, January 24, 2011

What is the number of scripophily collectors in the world ?

The little reflection on the last poll outcome, see here, brought me to the following question :

How many scripophily collectors are there in the world ?
I know some of you are collecting quite isolated without knowing anybody else collecting stocks and bonds. I myself spent my first years of collecting in that manner. Some of you know one or more friends sharing the same passion. Or maybe you are a member of a scripophily, numismatic or ephemera club. The fact is we are not alone, we are numerous.

Personally, I think the question brings us to one of the most controversial topics in scripophily. Did you give it any serious thought ? Well, I did.

However, I am interested in your estimates. What do you think is the number of bond and share collectors in the world ? You are invited to make your vote in the poll below, at the end of the page.

Additionally, you can post the reasoning behind your estimate in the comments section below this posting.

Now, to give non IBSS members an equal chance, I can tell you that the current number of IBSS members is almost 600. (IBSS: International Bond & Share Society). And by telling this, you can conclude that I suggest that there are more than 600 scripophily collectors.

For the moment, I will not publish my estimate, because I don't want to influence your answers. But the poll ends at the end of April 2011 and that is also the moment when I will let you know my estimation and when I will explain why I think so.

Furthermore, there is a little reward involved. The IBSS provided me with 3 copies of the latest Scripophily magazine. The first 3 persons that make an estimate in the poll and provide me their address (my email see here), will receive one of those free copies.

Eagerly looking forward to your votes and any potential comments.

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