Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Digest of scripophily readings III

New online scripophily articles and references, 16 May 2012

Flickr Photostream of Museum of American Finance
Images of objects and documents in the collection of the Museum of American Finance, NYC, can be found here . Several rare stocks and bonds are listed.

Commercial overprints of Great Britain
I'd like to refer to a wonderful blog, namely the blog of the COSGB, or Commercial Overprint Society of Great Britain. Commercial overprints are postage or revenue stamps that have been commercially printed with the name of the user prior to being used. " In Great Britain, Ireland, and New Zealand, these stamps were used to pay an excise tax and were applied to receipts of various sorts."  Besides the lovely images of these stamps, each blog post is dedicated to one company. Just to pick one out : here is the link to Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). You really should have a quick look.

WWII Danzig bonds
A small article - in German - was written by Rollo Steffens on Gdansk scripophily (German: Danzig), see here .

German football league bonds
Are fan bonds a good investment? Find out for yourself in this (German) article , written by Henning Eberhardt for Spiegel Online.

Front cover of scripophily magazine Der AktienSammler April 2012
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der aktienSammler 
In addition to the articles above, the latest April 2012 No.2/12 issue of der aktiensammler magazine, contains the following stories (in German) :
  • Vereinigte Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft des Thuner- & Brienzersees , or in English: United Steamship Company of Lake Thun and Brienz (shipping in Switzerland)
  • Die Firmengruppe "Rostock" Elmshorn, or in English: the "Rostock" Elmshorn corporate group  (food trade and processing in Germany)
  • John Law, two contributions on related scripophily
  • Kreditfinanzierung auf English und das erste Papiergeld in Europa, English : Credit Financing in England and the first paper money in Europe  (part 8 in a series on the evolution of money)
  • Florida Panthers Holding: Der "Rat-Trick"  (ice hockey)
  • Die Erste Russische Lokalbahngesellschaft: Kennerblick gefragt, in English : the First Russian Local Railway Company: an expert eye needed
  • Der Spekulation ist nichts zu schwör, or freely translated: No limits to speculation (about the current wave of speculation in Mexican bonds and shares)
  • other periodical topics : Auction Reviews, Collector's Portrait, Events Calendar, Classifieds


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