Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Uncharted - Belgian artist Posch

Many Belgian shares and bonds issued at the end of the 19th century are beautifully designed by the artist Charles Posch. I believe there is no other artist in the world that has been as productive in the field of securities.  His artwork is often signed with C. Posch or Ch. Posch.

Nevertheless Posch remains a mystery because I simply can not find any information about him or his work. Regrettable !

Who can provide some information about Charles Posch ?

View on the city of Vienna  (seen from the Belvedere? )
Signature of C. Posch in the lower right corner.
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Compagnie des Eaux de Vienne
4.5% Obligation de 500 Francs, 1895
Design by Posch
Printed by Lithographie de la Cote Libre, Bruxelles
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  1. Other stock certificates and bonds designed by Posch can be seen in the list here : http://leeuwerck.blogspot.be/p/artwork.html