Sunday, August 28, 2011

Digest of scripophily readings I

Scripophily is gaining momentum on the Internet ... again ! I googled the word scripophily today with the following outcomes :
  • 470,000 results on web pages (50% related to Ebay)
  • 92,900 results on images
  • 26 results on videos
Ofcourse not all results are relevant to the serious collector, but still, the numbers are impressive. People are writing more about scripophily on the Internet. This posting will highlight newly discovered notable articles. You can expect similar posts on a  periodical basis.  If you don't like it, just tell me in the comments !

So, let's get on with it, here's the digest.

How I collect scripophily
An experienced and enthusiastic collector tells us about the joys, some why's and how-to's in his article, published as a part of the How I Collect series of The Ephemera Society of America.

Library Scripophily
.. is the latest posting on Larry T. Nix's Library History Buff Blog, see here. More library scripophily is shown here.

North American railroad certificates with price history details
Terry Cox offers an improved reporting page on price history details, see Price history details improved .

More tips for scanning shares and bonds
Also on the Coxrail blog, we can find lots of scanning tips gathered together in a single overview.  Read more in Scanning hints consolidated and enlarged.

French perfume
In SPPM, Chanel No.5 and the Leprous , Piro d'Artabria brings a story on Clément Raimbault in Madagascar.

The gold mines of Kilo and Moto
G. Kock from Finland maintains an interesting Finnish scripophily site, mostly in Finnish. But also international certificates are occasionally discussed in English, such as his article on the Société des Mines d'Or de Kilo-Moto.

Scripophily magazine
And in addition to the articles above, the brand new August 2011 No.86 issue of Scripophily magazine, published by the International Bond and Share Society , contains the following  stories :
  • Cox's Corner : Classifying certificates by the rules .. what rules ?
  • Long Island's Biggest Bicycles (railways U.S.A)
  • Hans Larsen: a Norwegian Gunmaker Par Excellence
  • Scripophily from a New Collector's Point of View
  • Did Publicly Traded Piracy Pay ? A Look at the West India Co.
  • InterCity 1825 (railways UK)
  • The Credito Italiano's Far East Adventure
  • other periodical topics : News and Reviews, Collector's Showcase, An Interview With, Auction Reviews, Events Calendar

République Française - Emprunt d'Etat 1982 16,20% 2000 Francs
The cover of Scripophily magazine shows a state loan bond from France
designed by the artist Jean Cocteau

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