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Reference book : Michigan Copper Mining Stocks and Bonds by Lee DeGood

Many Michigan copper mining stock certificates are illustrated with mining scenes. Some of these show proud American Indians. To name a few : Adventure Mining Company of Michigan, Indiana Mining Co., Mohawk Mining Co., Ojibway Mining Co. and What Cheer Mining Co. That should not be a surprise. American Indians were the first to mine the copper of the Lake Superior region. Did you know that the word "Michigan", used by the first French immigrants, evolved from the Ojibwa word "mishigamaa" meaning "large water" or "large lake" ? 

  • Title: Michigan Copper Mining Stocks and Bonds by Lee DeGood
  • Author : Lee DeGood
  • ID : 978-1-4507-5395-1, published 2011 by Lee DeGood
  • Languages : English
  • Number of pages : 399
  • Images : more than 500 large color images
  • Index : index by mine company

The author described each company with its location, incorporation date, presidents or trustees, secretaries or treasurers, mine closing date, predecessor and successor mines, a brief description of the status of the mining company and interesting facts about the mine. The book also contains a list of mining company mergers, useful for studying a company's evolution.

Mohawk Mining Company
share certificate, 1900, cat. MOHAMC-1
vignette of  quiver filled with arrows
Large amounts of mohawkite were found on the mine's property.
Mohawkite is a rare rock consisting of mixtures of arsenic and copper.
Due to the amounts of arsenic, ordinary smelters could not treat mohawkite
because of the deadly arsenical fumes driven off. A special smelter was built for
the reduction of this mohawkite at Hackensack Meadows, NJ.
The Mohawk Mining Company was established in 1898, very profitable
and closed after 34 years of operation.
image courtesy Scripophily.Com

Lee DeGood based his work upon nine of the most important known collections of Michigan copper mine securities. About 250 mining companies are included. Company entries are illustrated with large color images of known certificates each one tagged with a catalog number, rarity scale, (un)issued/(un)cancelled status, color description and size. This large format, hard cover edition is the kind of reference book we cherish.


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