Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mario Boone - Auction 58

Boone's sale on 1 April 2017 includes over 1300 scripophily lots. Antwerp's Crowne Plaza is the venue for this event. The offering spans more than 100 different countries including states and territories like British North Borneo, New Hebrides, Dutch Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Vatican City and Andorra . 

One of the lots in the auction, lot 1023, is an early 1800s share in a Valencian undertaking for the acquisition and equipment of ships bound for the colonies of America. Back then, a risky and even dangerous business.

During the colonial period (1492-1832) the Spanish Empire extended across the Caribbean Islands, half of South America, most of Central America, Mexico, Florida and the Southwestern and Pacific Coastal regions of the United States. It is estimated that in this period nearly 20 million Spaniards settled in the Americas. 

At the end of the 18th century the European monarchies were at war with Revolutionary France. In the course of these conflicts Spain decided to switch sides and became an ally of France in the latter's war against Great Britain. A wrong move.

The English navy blocked not only Spanish harbours like Cadiz but also the ones across the Atlantic, such as Havana and Vera Cruz. The war against Britain had disastrous consequences for the Spanish economy and trade. 

To ease the situation, Carlos IV of Spain issued a Royeel Decree in 1797. The decree allowed ships from neutral countries and companies to trade with the Spanish American colonies. (*) Soon, the use of neutral ships to trade with America became a common practice among Spanish merchants during the war, even when the decree was later revoked. Within a year ships with flags from neutral companies carried almost two thirds of all Spanish exports to the colonies. With a neutral flag merchants tried to protect their ships from British attack. They were succesfull in doing so at least for a short while. The Anglo-Spanish War was a conflict fought between 1796 and 1802, and again from 1804 to 1808. The share certificate shown here was issued in 1803.

Practical info 
  • Auction date: 1 April 2017
  • Place: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Further info, see here

Tip for 2 April : IBSS Breakfast meeting followed by Boone's International Scripophily Bourse, at the same place.


(*) Clothing the Spanish Empire : Families and the Calico Trade in the Early Modern Atlantic World, Marta V. Vicent, 2006, ISBN 978-1-349-53352-7

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