Monday, August 6, 2018

Grace's Guide, leading information source on British industrial history

Auction company SPINK sold the following share certificate in their sale of 21st June 2018. Classic car hobbyists will recognize the Minerva brand. If you didn't, then you can turn to Grace's Guide To British Industrial History.

share certificate from the Minerva Motors (England) Limited company

Minerva Motors (England) Limited
deferred shares of one shilling, 1928
SPINK sold this rare share in the British Minerva company (21 Jun 2018) in a group lot together with 15 common Belgian Minerva company certificates for £80.
image courtesy SPINK

Editor Andrew Tweedie started the Grace's Guide to British Industrial History project in 2007 as a not-for-profit project. Its aim is to provide a brief history of the companies, products and people who were instrumental in British industry, commencing with the birth of the Industrial Revolution and continuing up to recent times. Andrew Tweedie, his staff members and a team of expert volunteers have produced nearly 130,000 pages so far.

For some time now I've used the Grace's Guide website for research on antique securities from UK companies. The site also provides information of engineers, inventors, directors, investors and other important personalities who were involved in these companies. As a result I may recognize the names and signatures of the people who signed or subscribed to these early shares.

signature of Holloway as Director on Minerva Motors share certificate

According to Grace's Guide, the company was originally established as Minerva Motors, Ltd in 1900 as a concessionaire for Minerva cars. The signature is the one from S. C. Holloway (who later started his own motor business).

My collector friend Adam recently reported in the International Bond & Share Society's online forum more interesting news about the Grace's Guide pages :

" The scope is gradually being extended to include non-UK businesses and biographiesAdditions are being made to the information daily by a team of volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise. I have been in contact with the editor Andrew Tweedie, he would gratefully accept photos of share certificates or information relating to any of the companies in the database. "

Now isn't that a win-win situation ? 


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