Monday, January 15, 2018

HWPH to sell TUI precursor at public auction

Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG is a major auction house when it comes to antique stock and bond certificates. The team around Matthias Schmitt kicks of the New Year with two consecutive sales. 

The first sale is a live auction at Würzburg, Germany, on 20th Jan 2018, followed two days later by an online auction. Both sales offer nearly 2400 lots of historic and beautiful antique stock and bond certificates from all continents. One of the many highlights is a share from Norddeutscher Lloyd, precursor of the multinational TUI Group.

An impressive vignette shows one of Norddeutscher Lloyd's transatlantic steam ships. 
On top of the second mast, the company flag is waving, barely recognizable. 
Click the image for more details. The flag shows a crossed anchor and key with an oak leaf wreath. 
The anchor represents the sea and the wreath stands for a united Germany. 
The key is the key of the Freie Hansestadt Bremen. 
The emblem is incorporated three more times in the share's design, see the image below.

TUI Group owns travel agencies, retail stores, hotels, cruise ships and airlines. It is one of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world. TUI's current name was adopted in 2002 but before that, it was called Preussag AG. Oddly enough, Preussag was originally a mining and foundry company.
Norddeutscher Lloyd was formed by merchants from Bremen in 1856. NLD's cargo and passenger transport activities growed as a result of emigration. The company started operating routes to England and the USA, and by the end of the 19th century to the Mediterranean, the Far East and Australia. Because of the Boxer Rebellion in China, Kaiser Wilhelm II seized in 1900 14 of NLD's ships for the transport of German troops.

Norddeutscher LLoyd 
1000 Mark share, Bremen, 1923 
printed by Giesecke & Devrient 
lot 552 in the auction, click to enlarge 

After both World War's large parts of NLD's fleet were either confiscated or destroyed. The company had to rebuild its business twice. After cooperating with the Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG) since the 1930s, both companies would merge in 1970 to form Hapag-LLoyd. 
Remember Preussag, our industrial conglomerate. That company transformed itself into a transport and tourism company after purchasing Hapag-Lloyd in 1997. Preussag changed its name into TUI in 2002. 

You can find more of these fascinating stocks and bonds in HWPH's sale catalogues. Here are the auction details :
  • Dates
    • 20 January 2018, Würzburg, Germany, public auction
    • 22 January 2018, online auction
  • Further info see here on HWPH


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