Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Drumm Ottoman Collection comes up for sale

For the first time in its existence THE reference collection of Ottoman and Turkish scripophily is going to be auctioned. The event takes place on 15 September 2018 and is organized by HWPH Historisches Wertpapierhaus AG. Place to be is Würzburg, Germany. 

Smyrna Cassaba railway specimen bond from 1894

This 1894 specimen bond from the Smyrna Cassaba railway is one of the 274 certificates from the Drumm CollectionThe Ottoman Government sold the Smyrna Cassaba concession to Georges Nagelmackers, founder of Wagons-Lits, known for the Orient Express trains. 

Ulrich Drumm gathered over several decades the collection of 274 certificates from the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish State. It will be sold as a single group lot, lot 682 in HWPH's upcoming September auction. The collection formed the basis for the Drumm, Henseler, Glasemann catalogue Ottomanisches Kaiserreich und Türkei - Aktien und Anleihen, 1854-1938. The catalogue has been the standard work for Ottoman scripophily collectors since its year of publishing. 

Drumm founded Freunde Historischer Wertpapiere in 1974 with Alfons W. Henseler. This company specialized in auctions for antique stocks and bonds. FHW also started the publication of a magazine for collectors, the Zeitung für Historische Wertpapiere

Between 1975 and 1986 Drumm's company launched the Historische Wertpapiere series of reference catalogues. After publishing volumes on "Russian Railways", "Chinese Shares and Bonds", "Russian City Bonds" and "Austrian Railways", Vol 5 "Ottoman Empire and Turkey" appeared in 1983. The last volume in the series included "Italian Railways".

This certificate is illustrated and identified in the Drumm catalogue under entry TR1265c. Issued in 1910, Constantinople, it is an extremely rare 10 shares certificate from the Banque de Turquie pour favoriser le Commerce et l'Industrie.  

In the 19th century the Ottoman Empire included for some time parts of the Balkan, Greece, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Algeria. The Société du Chemin de Fer Ottoman de Jaffa à Jérusalem et Prolongements issued this 500 Francs bond in 1894. This is one of the certificates that Drumm added to the collection after the catalogue appeared.

Auctioneer Matthias Schmitt has high expectations of this exceptional collection. Included are many rare and important securities from the Ottoman Empire and the early Turkish state. More, after the publication of the book, Drumm extended the collection. Schmitt adds :
Just take these three examples (illustrated in this post), the combined value of these three certificates alone already make up for 20% of the ask price.

A detailed list of the items (lot 682) is available on request from the auctioneer :

  • Further info : HWPH's 50th Public Auction, see here, the Drumm Collection, see there  
  • Location : Würzburg, Germany
  • Date : 15 September 2018 

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