Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Digest of scripophily readings XVIII

New online scripophily articles and references, February 2016

EDHAC's eMuseum adds a virtual collection of ICT related stocks and bonds
In 2014, EDHAC, 'GERMANY'S FIRST SOCIETY FOR HISTORIC SECURITIES', started a cooperation with EDHAM, 'GERMANY'S FIRST MUSEUM FOR HISTORIC SECURITIES', to setup an online scripophily museum. Lately, a third collection of 60 ICT related stocks and bonds has been put on virtual display. 
Related links (in German):

Does it make sense to set reserves?
Under certain conditions, auction consignors can set the minimum amount the auction house will accept as the winning bid on a lot. This is called a reserve, or a protective bid. Stephen Goldsmith gives us some tips here.

The most historic one ?
Otto Vervaart from the Netherlands blogs about legal history. In this article Otto hunts for the oldest companies.

Images now consume 10 times more display area
Recently Terry Cox announced his new North American coal mining database on his blog. In the same message, he also reported that 
Almost 2/3 of the previous images were enlarged. The larger images are now up to 640 pixels wide which works out to about 6.7 inches wide on average monitors. Most images now consume 10 times more display area..
This applies to images from both his US coal mining and railroad database. I've added links to these image databases on the Online Collections page.

Montrose Railway Company
Stock certificate for 4 Shares of $50, 1871
Cox MON-991-S-50

Perrier Founder's share so far unique
Almost 1 billion bottles of Perrier are sold each year. This luxury water is sold in 140 countries. Hans-Georg Glasemann reports on the early Perrier company and its emerged founder's share, see here. in German 

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