Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mario Boone - Auction 56

Boone will auction about 1600 lots of antique bond and share certificates on 19 March 2016. One of the highlights is an exceptional early Antwerp city bond.

early coat of arms of the city of Antwerp on Breughel bond
Lot 418 detail from the 1664 Antwerp city bond below
Since the 15th century, the Antwerp arms show a hand on each side of a castle.
This bond depicts an earlier version of the arms with the hands placed on flags.

Bond from Antwerp issued in 1664 is handwritten on parchment
Lot 418 : Bond for 281 Carolus guilders and 5 Stuivers, issued by the City of Antwerp, 1664.
The obligation debt was payable to Clara Antheunissen Gasparsdochter, owed to her for land which
she had sold to Ambrosius Breughel. The bond is expressed in Carolus guilders which was
the official currency in the Habsburg Netherlands since Emperor Charles V, from 1521 to 1680.
Ambrosius Brueghel (1617-1675) , son of Jan Brueghel the elder and grandson of Pieter Brueghel the elder
was, just as his forefathers, a Flemish baroque painter who specialized in landscapes.
Clara Antheunissen Gasparsdochter is the daughter of Antheunis Gasparsz and
granddaughter of the art dealer Gaspar Antheunis. 

Bond from Antwerp issued in 1664 is signed by Philips Rubens
The bond above is signed by Philips Rubens as town clerk of Antwerp.
Philips Rubens (1611-1678) was the nephew and biographer of the painter Pieter Paul Rubens.
The combination of the Rubens and Brueghel families make this an exceptional historic certificate.

The certificate on Boone's catalog cover is a 1000 French francs share, 
unissued and printed in the 1840s for the Basel based
Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft der Adler des Ober-Rheins
(freely translated: Eagle of the Upper-Rhine Steamship Company)

Practical info
  • Auction date: 19 March 2016 
  • Place: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Further info, see here 

Tip for 20 March : IBSS Breakfast meeting followed by Boone's International Scripophily Bourse, at the same place.


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