Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scripophily versus coin collecting

Similarities with coin collecting
Many collectors of bonds and shares initially started collecting coins before they switched or expanded their hobby to scripophily. If you think about it, it is actually a small step because many similarities exist between both disciplines.

Collecting in themes is one of these similarities.
It is unthinkable a numismatist attempts to collect all coins of the world. The same applies to scripophily. When collecting stocks and bonds sooner or later you will decide to focus on one or more themes. Many themes are possible :
  • geographical: e.g. Egypt, Skandinavia, Berlin
  • a historical period: e.g. 18th century, Tsaristic Russia, Deutsch Mark certificates
  • an activity: gold mining, railways, shipping
  • an art style: Jugendstil, Art Deco
  • a person: artists, engravers, pioneers, inventors or business tycoons
  • a printing house: Waterlow & Sons, American Banknote Company
  • a visual theme: maps, flags, and, oh yes coins
Collectors often combine themes: French casino's, Russion banks, American oil companies, ..

Similarities but also differences
Many other similarities can be pointed out between coin collecting and scripophily. And you might have guessed it already : there are some differences too.  I suggest to take a look at the article 'Scripophily and Numismatics' that I was permitted to post on CoinsWeekly, see here.

Curious about CoinsWeekly ?
CoinsWeekly -MünzenWoche in German- is an international blogsite on coin collecting. The owner is Ursula Kampmann, very passionate about coins and an absorbing writer. My favourite article series is 'Detecting forgeries', see here .

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