Sunday, September 11, 2011

Book : Polish Securities

front cover of the book Polish Securities

  • Title : Polskie Papiery Wartościowe - Polish Securities
  • Authors : Lesław A. Paga, Leszek Kałkowski
  • ID: ISBN 83-900695-8-X, published by Rosikon Press, 1995 (2nd edition) 
  • Languages : Polish, English
  • Number of pages : 200
  • Images : color, almost on every page, large format images
  • Indexes : no indexes, certificates are discussed in chronological chapters

This large format book gives an overview of Polish certificates grouped in chronological manner.

  • Securities issued in partitioned Poland before 1918
  • Securities issued in the Second Polish Republic before 1924
  • Securities issued in the Second Polish Republic after currency reform
  • Securities issued in Poland after 1945
An interesting book on Polish stocks and bonds.
Did anyone compile an index of the many companies mentioned in this book ?
I would be happy to add the index to this post.

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  1. A question from Twitter: where to purchase the book ?

    I purchased my copy at a shop for second hand books, I believe it was DeSlegte. At this moment, I do not find any examples on Ebay. Other online stores like Amazon or AbeBooks sell it occasionaly. Example see here :
    In a Polish shop, you'll probably buy it cheaper.