Friday, March 29, 2013

Nonvaleur magazine

The word Nonvaleur sounds like a French word but actually it is German. 
Nonvaleurs refer to securities that have become worthless (French : non valeur, 'no value').

A new magazine about scripophily
Nonvaleur Nachrichten | News is a new bilingual magazine for scripophily enthousiasts. Self-published by Ulrich W. Hanke, also known as the author of the blog Hankes Historische. Yes, you read it correctly : bilingual ! Articles are written in both the German and English language. 

Topics in its first issue :

  • Volkswagen
  • Petchilli Bonds
  • Rarities from Frankfurt
  • Companies: Houille Bleue (France), Molinos (Argentina)
  • Nonvaleur of the month: New York Central (USA)
  • Dahlbusch (Germany)
  • Letters, Classifieds
  • Auctions reviews and previews
  • Piece for 1 $ | eBay: Top 10
  • ...

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