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Digest of scripophily readings XV

New online scripophily articles and references, December 2014

Biografía de las Riquezas de Puerto Rico
Jorge David Capiello-Ortiz tells us a fascinating story about the history of coffee plantations and sugar mills of Puerto Rico.  His Spanish website, Biografía de las Riquezas de Puerto Rico,  (Riches of Puerto Rico) is illustrated splendidly with photographs, coins, bank notes, tokens, post cards, letters and receipts, stereoviews, checks, and ofcourse stocks and bonds from :
  • sugar mills, see here 
  • railways, see there, and
  • banks, see here
As you see, numismatics in the widest sense. Thank you for sharing Jorge !

stock certificate of the Central Aguirre Associates, later renamed into Central Aguirre Sugar Company
Central Aguirre Associates
later renamed into Central Aguirre Sugar Company
100 Common shares, specimen, 1928
double-click image to enlarge
source : Jorge David Capiello-Ortiz
Biografía de las Riquezas de Puerto Rico

The Californian Gold Rush
The first individual gold prospectors tried to build subterranean shafts by manually digging holes into overlying earth, as into a hillside. The shafts seldom reached deeper than one or two meters. This technique was called ‘coyoting’ after the coyote that tunneled his way into the ground in a similar manner. No stocks or bonds, but coins and pictures illustrate this three-part series of articles about the Gold Rush in California written by Ursula Kampmann from CoinsWeekly | MünzenWoche  :
  • part I : the first gold finds, news reaches the east, the voyage, the local situation, grassroots democracy and lynch law (in German, see here ) 
  • part II : the work, success and failure, spending a life in deficiency, xenophobia amongst the gold prospectors (in German, see here )
  • part III  : coins for California, the end of the gold rush (in German, see here) 

Compagnie Française & Américaine de San-Fransisco
5 Shares of 5 Francs, 1850
Source : HWPH, Auction 36, 2014

Texas and German Emigration Company
The Bullock Texas State History Museum, named after former Texas Lieutenant Governor  "God bless Texas" Bob Bullock, certainly knows how to combine artefacts with interactive multimedia and special effects. I will not go into further details, but check out this Interactive Texas Map .

Eurotunnel forerunner
If, before the Great War, a tunnel would have existed between France and England, it could have shortened the War by two years. Read more about the Chemin de Fer Sous-Marin entre la France et l'Angleterre on Hans-Georg Glasemann's NONVALEURS blog.

Scripophily magazine issue August 2014 No. 95

Scripophily magazine
In addition to the online sources above, the last August 2014 No.95 issue of Scripophily magazine contains the following stories :
  • Scripophily of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition
  • The Long Distance Telephone Company and AT&T
  • Rare Chinese scripophily at Spink's Jan 2014 Hong Kong auction
  • Flights of Fancy, about early spectacular airplanes
  • Cox's Corner : Scanning certificates
  • Jewish Colonial Trust
  • An interview with retiring society auctioneer Bruce Castlo
  • Sexy vignettes
  • other periodical topics : society matters, news, bourse reviews, auction reviews, events calendar, member classifieds, book reviews, interviews and lots of pictures of collector friends and scripophily.


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